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Used Ski Lift Chairs Can Make a Great Conversation Piece

June 16, 2017 | Leave a comment

Old Chairlift..You’ve Had a Good Run!

Ski lift chairs have been used for years for transporting skiing enthusiasts up the hill. These are the detachable chairlift which can carry the maximum of three to eight passengers. These ski chair lifts are retired after some time of usage as they tend to become brittle and lose its quality after some time due to the climatic factors. As they are installed in those areas where there are heavy snowfall and cold weather conditions. Thus, for safety purpose, they are replaced once in a while. What after, are they thrown with the other garbage and stuff? No! They are reused. Used Ski lift chairs are pretty much high in demand. People are using used ski lift chair as a decorative item for their lawns and yards. It is not all; they are considering installing used ski lift chairs in their porches and gardens as they might prove to be an amazing conversation piece. People can use it as a sitting tool and also, it can prove to be a nice decorative piece which can make your home, garden or porch subtler and beautiful. There are various companies which provide with the services of restoring old ski lift chairs and converting it into a garden chair.

Old Used Ski Chair Lifts

Purchase Old Ski Chair Lifts From a US based resort

Ski Lift Chair Refurbishment
The ski resorts directly sell the ski lift chairs to these restoring companies. The restoration process is done with bare hand, and no machines are used. From scrubbing it from sand paper to getting it ready for paint, it takes some time. When they are supplied to the refurbishing companies, some of the ski lift chairs are corroded, others bear damaged parts, and some of them are in their worst conditions. Thus, the refurbishment is done keeping in mind all these factors. It has to be perfect to be used again. The workers pay strict attention even to the teeny-tiny details, and a special focus is given on how to make it safer. It is necessary as these ski lift chairs after renovation can carry the maximum weight of 600lbs (2-3 adults).
Used ski lift chairs sport the framework made from refurbished steel and maple wood slats (optional), it also provides customized wooden slats made from teak, mahogany, etc. For bearing maximum weights, new spring swings are installed that comes with standard eye hooks which are used in the ski resorts for mounting ski lift chairs. It also provides with the option of installing a face plate where you can add your home address, name or any other phrase you like. The paint job is done according to the demands of the customer, based on the surroundings of where it is going to be rested. Also, there are some certain upgrades available but only are installed on specific demands.

There are two versions

Swing and Bench
It is up to the customer how they want their used ski lift chair to be like. The refurbishment companies provide two options for it; you can either use it as a swing or as a bench. If you want to use it as a proper conversation piece, prefer bench and bench are also preferred where there is a shortage of space, like on the balcony or elsewhere. The swing version is preferred by those who have a large backyard or a garden as it requires larger space for movements. The swing versions are mounted with the standard swing springs for giving the natural feel of the skiing adventure, and that too in your garden or porch.

Used ski lift chair customization
The customizations are only done according to the likes and dislikes of the customer. From seat slats to framework and paint job, everything is done according to the criteria set by the customer. Also, it also matters where you are going to put it. Thus, your home surroundings are also taken into the consideration before getting it a complete makeover. One can choose from custom paints finishes and customized wooden slats. The wooden slats come in different shades of wooden texture and choose from maple, teak and mahogany woods. As these ski lift chairs were previously used to carry skiers top the mountain and the climatic conditions there made these ski lift chairs prone to get damaged after several years of use. Thus, restoring it becomes a tough task due to safety reasons as some of them are corroded and others worse. Thus, the restoration is done in such a way that during the customization, it doesn’t look bad at all. The face plate is optional and can be used to add your name, family name or any catchy phrase which defines you or the ski. Also, they are not made so much fancy, as they can only carry 2-3 people at a time, keeping it simple. The companies also don’t prefer too much customization as it will lose the authenticity of the ski lift chair.

Where to put them
Well, the refurbished ski lift chairs can attract eyes from anywhere. Mostly it is preferred installing outdoors, but if you have some extra space left inside your house, it could act as an excellent conversation piece. Also, where to put ski lift chairs also depends on the type of it. If it is a swinging ski lift chair, it requires some extra space to make the swings properly. Thus it is preferred outdoors like in the porch, backyard or the garden. It can also be installed on the terrace if you tend to spend some alone time soaking in the sun or the breeze. It is best for a terrace, and if customized properly, it can make your house look good too. On the other hand, bench ski lift chairs can be preferred both inside and outside the house, as it doesn’t do much of the swinging.
Apart from homes, used ski lift chairs are an excellent option for outdoor parks, amusement parks, outside a restaurant, or anywhere people socialize. It is a fun theme and really an incredible idea of using ski lift chairs as benches and swings.

Put a Ski Lift Chair Bench in Your Yard

May 26, 2017 | Leave a comment

Spuce up your yard with a Ski Lift Bench

Ski benches can prove to be an excellent alternative for normal park benches. A ski bench offers the customers with a great range of ski lift furniture without compromising the quality and originality of a ski lift chair. A ski lift chair bench can make your home look great by creating a perfect setting inside as well as outside your home. It fits very well with the surroundings and due to its unique design; the ski lift chair bench will definitely become your favorite furniture in the house. Before they are created into this mesmerizing bench, they used to serve in the ski resorts carrying passengers up the hill. When they are decommissioned from the ski resorts, the refurbishing companies collect them directly from the ski resorts. The ski chair lifts are decommissioned due to the fact that they tend to wear out in its quality after several times of use. They get corroded and are more prone to getting into any accidents. Thus, as a precautionary measure, the ski resorts decommission these ski lift chairs. But they are not thrown or dumped as garbage. They have another use, to make your leisure area look perfect. These decommissioned skis lift goes through a complete makeover to look like a ski chairlift bench.

ski house back yard

A perfect ski house back yard for a ski chair lift bench to go

We Take Refurbishing Serious

The ski lift chairs are refurbished like all the other benches keeping in mind their main use which is for sitting purpose. All the customizations are done keeping in mind that it provides the feel of comfort while sitting. The refurbishing starts with scratching and scrubbing the rust and other unwanted layers off the frames. It is done all with the bare hands. Sandpaper is used to clear the corroded areas of the ski lifts, and the process is done till it gets smooth enough for applying paint. After all the scrubbing and scrapping is done, two layers of anti-corrosion primers are applied on its surface to prevent it from rusting. The framework is provided with some extra support by using refurbished steel all over the frame. Now, the ski lift chair bench framework is completely ready. The next part of the refurbishment process is the paint job. The companies prefer matte black, but additional colors are also available for customers to demand. You can order simple plain colors to custom colors. Also, there is an option of designer paint jobs with the likes of structures and abstracts painted on it. Optional wooden slats are also provided with the ski benches for providing an aesthetically pleasing base. The wooden slats are mostly made with polished maple wood to provide a stunning finish, but upgrades to mahogany slats and teak slats are also available on customers to demand. These wooden slats are varnished and polished to such an extent it gives a natural feel. The installation of wooden slats is optional, and instead of these wooden slats, you can use any other medium as a seat. You are provided with other options like synthetic slats, plastic slats or rubber slats. Or you can leave it plain. The refurbishing companies will make sure that this bench proves to be aesthetically pleasing for you no matter how you use it. Aside from that, it provides you with the option of installing a face plate or a name plate on your ski chairlift bench. On these plates you can add your name, address or any other phrase you like and the face plates can be of any animal or your favorite anime character. But these are the extra customizations done only when a customer demands. These ski benches are crafted to support the weight of a maximum of 2-3 adults at the same time. Thus it becomes necessary that not too much weight is put on it.

Finding the Right Spot is Easy with a Bench

You don’t have to give much of thought on where to place your ski lift chair bench. It will only increase the glory of the place where it is installed. Unlike ski chairlift swings, ski benches don’t require a solid mounting point. So, it can be placed anywhere inside and outside your house. But, putting a ski lift chair in your yard makes it a great addition to your setting. Put it in some place where the sun rays hits. Or if you have some extra space left in your living room, you can place it there as it doesn’t require any extra mounting place. Also, you can customize your ski benches in accordance to the surroundings of the place you are going to place it. You can paint it to the matching wall colors, or according to the props, you have in possession. Also, if you tend to place it in your garden, giving it, a floral look will only make your garden look more beautiful. But it is advised to keep your ski lift chair bench as simple as possible because it will look great in that manner also. On the other hand, if you are a restaurant owner, you can replace your seats with ski benches, giving your restaurant a unique look. Also, the ski lift chair bench is an ideal choice for using as an alternative for park benches. Parks with ski benches will definitely look great; also children’s playground can also use this type of creative benches. Other than that, you can use ski benches for a ski shop, malls and other places where people gather to socialize.
The ski chairlift bench proves to be an excellent conversation piece which you can enjoy throughout the year. On winter afternoons and summer nights, you can enjoy sitting on it conversing with your loved ones. Or it is an ideal sitting piece which you can use to spend some alone time reading books or listening to music. It is an ideal sitting piece where you can spend some quality time alone or with your loved ones from the family or friends. You can sit on it to enjoy the cold breezes during the summer, or you can enjoy the bright sunshine of the winter afternoons. So, place it someplace where you can enjoy all the season without any interruption.