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Looking for a Used Ski Chair Lift for Sale

July 6, 2017 | Leave a comment

We Know You Want One!

How often have you wondered about using a ski lift chair at your home backyard or garden? This was considered to be a dream. But not now, our company is well known for refurbishing used ski chairlift into an amazing conversation piece. Ski chairlifts have been used as a medium of transportation for transporting skiers up the hill. These are made from tough components and are detachable which can carry the maximum of eight passengers at once. Due to the climatic conditions and heavy snowfall up the hill, these ski chair lifts tends to wear off in its quality, and the resorts have to retire them on purpose after serving some time carrying passengers up and down. We directly collect these ski chairlifts from the ski resorts. As they are installed in the areas where there are heavy snowfall and cold weather conditions, they are more prone to getting corroded and damaged easily. And for the safety of the ski enthusiast, they are replaced by the new ones after some time of usage. Our company takes these damaged ski chairlifts and remodels them into a perfect ski bench or swing. We provide with used chair lift for sale. It can match with the glory of your house or can be installed in front of stores, restaurants, and public parks or can be used as a decorative also. We refurbish these ski chairlifts by hand in order to get back it into its original form.

ski lift chair bench

Custom Ski Chair Lift Bench

How are ski chairlifts refurbished for selling

When we collect the ski lift chairs from the ski resorts, they are not in their perfect conditions, and if we want to put these used ski chairlifts for sale, it has to be renovated properly. The renovation is done according to the clients need. And the process of refurbishing is done with the bare hand, to maintain the uniqueness and originality of the ski. Before putting these used ski lifts for sale, we make sure that they are sales ready. The whole frame is detached from the adjoining components for scrubbing. Scrubbing is necessary to remove the rusting from the frame. After it is scrubbed from sand paper, it is sent for the paint job. Our expert workers make sure that the frame prepared is strong enough to carry at least three adults at the same time. For this, we use specially designed framework made of refurbished steel. Steel is used to avoid the frame from corrosion. Apart from that, we focus on the smallest of the details to make sure that your ski lift chair functions properly without any restrictions. We provide with used ski chairlift for sale that comes with a variety of customizations. The slats we provide comes in different wooden textures like maple wood, mahogany, teak and more. For bearing maximum weights, we provide your ski lift with new spring swings with standard eye hooks. These springs with eye hooks are used in the ski resorts for mounting the ski lift chairs. We also provide you with the option of installing a face plate. You can use the face plate for adding your name, or anything you like both textual and anime. We also provide with custom paint options which include various textures and themes.
We only entertain customizations if the client wants to do so. We consider your opinion, and according to that, we perform customization. From seat slats to framework and paint job, we make sure that whatever is done with your ski chairlift is it makes you happy. Before customizing your ski lift chair, we make sure to ask for where you are going to put it. It is necessary to take all these things into consideration just to make the final product worthy of selling. Also, we did not prefer your ski lift chair to be too much fancy as it can compromise with the authenticity and originality of the product. Also, it is made in such a fashion that it can carry around 600-700lbs at the same time, so, certain kinds of customizations are not possible to maintain its strength and regularity. This is because these ski lift chairs were previously used to carry skiers top the mountain before coming to our workshop. They were roughly used, carrying the maximum load of the people and defending itself from the wrath of Mother Nature. The climatic conditions in the hilly areas are chilly, and it can damage the components of the ski lifts, making them rusty and brittle. Thus, it becomes tough for us to restore the product with the guarantee that it will function like its old self. So, certain customizations are avoided for safety purposes.

We have 2 Types

We sell both the kinds of the ski chairlifts, swing and bench. It is up to you how you want your ski chairlift to be like. The need of making two versions of the ski chairlifts is because these two kinds have different usage and are also installed in specific areas. The swing versions are preferred in open areas where it can swing easily like your backyard, garden or terrace. And if you want it to be simple and subtle, bench versions are the best. You can put the bench ski chairlift to any corner of your balcony or in the garden. It is preferred by those who want to fill some extra space in their house and also can be used for decorative purpose.

From the Slopes to our Shop all the way to Your Front Porch…or backyard

We provide with the facility of a faster delivery process. From order to delivery, you will be happily swinging on your beautifully designed ski lift. From crafting to making it delivery ready, we assign a single worker on a particular ski lift chair just as to make sure it doesn’t require much time for preparing it. A single worker is assigned because he can focus all his energy and time on preparing your ski chairlift. This way it can get completed within a matter of time. We provide with the facility of a door to door service, delivering your product to your door. If your locality is at a distance, we can ship your product through freight carrier, but will never get your product delayed for even a second.

Used Ski Lift Chairs Can Make a Great Conversation Piece

June 16, 2017 | Leave a comment

Old Chairlift..You’ve Had a Good Run!

Ski lift chairs have been used for years for transporting skiing enthusiasts up the hill. These are the detachable chairlift which can carry the maximum of three to eight passengers. These ski chair lifts are retired after some time of usage as they tend to become brittle and lose its quality after some time due to the climatic factors. As they are installed in those areas where there are heavy snowfall and cold weather conditions. Thus, for safety purpose, they are replaced once in a while. What after, are they thrown with the other garbage and stuff? No! They are reused. Used Ski lift chairs are pretty much high in demand. People are using used ski lift chair as a decorative item for their lawns and yards. It is not all; they are considering installing used ski lift chairs in their porches and gardens as they might prove to be an amazing conversation piece. People can use it as a sitting tool and also, it can prove to be a nice decorative piece which can make your home, garden or porch subtler and beautiful. There are various companies which provide with the services of restoring old ski lift chairs and converting it into a garden chair.

Old Used Ski Chair Lifts

Purchase Old Ski Chair Lifts From a US based resort

Ski Lift Chair Refurbishment
The ski resorts directly sell the ski lift chairs to these restoring companies. The restoration process is done with bare hand, and no machines are used. From scrubbing it from sand paper to getting it ready for paint, it takes some time. When they are supplied to the refurbishing companies, some of the ski lift chairs are corroded, others bear damaged parts, and some of them are in their worst conditions. Thus, the refurbishment is done keeping in mind all these factors. It has to be perfect to be used again. The workers pay strict attention even to the teeny-tiny details, and a special focus is given on how to make it safer. It is necessary as these ski lift chairs after renovation can carry the maximum weight of 600lbs (2-3 adults).
Used ski lift chairs sport the framework made from refurbished steel and maple wood slats (optional), it also provides customized wooden slats made from teak, mahogany, etc. For bearing maximum weights, new spring swings are installed that comes with standard eye hooks which are used in the ski resorts for mounting ski lift chairs. It also provides with the option of installing a face plate where you can add your home address, name or any other phrase you like. The paint job is done according to the demands of the customer, based on the surroundings of where it is going to be rested. Also, there are some certain upgrades available but only are installed on specific demands.

There are two versions

Swing and Bench
It is up to the customer how they want their used ski lift chair to be like. The refurbishment companies provide two options for it; you can either use it as a swing or as a bench. If you want to use it as a proper conversation piece, prefer bench and bench are also preferred where there is a shortage of space, like on the balcony or elsewhere. The swing version is preferred by those who have a large backyard or a garden as it requires larger space for movements. The swing versions are mounted with the standard swing springs for giving the natural feel of the skiing adventure, and that too in your garden or porch.

Used ski lift chair customization
The customizations are only done according to the likes and dislikes of the customer. From seat slats to framework and paint job, everything is done according to the criteria set by the customer. Also, it also matters where you are going to put it. Thus, your home surroundings are also taken into the consideration before getting it a complete makeover. One can choose from custom paints finishes and customized wooden slats. The wooden slats come in different shades of wooden texture and choose from maple, teak and mahogany woods. As these ski lift chairs were previously used to carry skiers top the mountain and the climatic conditions there made these ski lift chairs prone to get damaged after several years of use. Thus, restoring it becomes a tough task due to safety reasons as some of them are corroded and others worse. Thus, the restoration is done in such a way that during the customization, it doesn’t look bad at all. The face plate is optional and can be used to add your name, family name or any catchy phrase which defines you or the ski. Also, they are not made so much fancy, as they can only carry 2-3 people at a time, keeping it simple. The companies also don’t prefer too much customization as it will lose the authenticity of the ski lift chair.

Where to put them
Well, the refurbished ski lift chairs can attract eyes from anywhere. Mostly it is preferred installing outdoors, but if you have some extra space left inside your house, it could act as an excellent conversation piece. Also, where to put ski lift chairs also depends on the type of it. If it is a swinging ski lift chair, it requires some extra space to make the swings properly. Thus it is preferred outdoors like in the porch, backyard or the garden. It can also be installed on the terrace if you tend to spend some alone time soaking in the sun or the breeze. It is best for a terrace, and if customized properly, it can make your house look good too. On the other hand, bench ski lift chairs can be preferred both inside and outside the house, as it doesn’t do much of the swinging.
Apart from homes, used ski lift chairs are an excellent option for outdoor parks, amusement parks, outside a restaurant, or anywhere people socialize. It is a fun theme and really an incredible idea of using ski lift chairs as benches and swings.