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Real Decommissioned Ski Lift Chairs for Sale

June 6, 2017 blog

Ski Lifts Take Abuse

Ski lift chairs are used in the ski resorts for carrying passengers to the top hill. Skiing enthusiasts use these ski lift chairs to go up the hill. These ski lifts can carry the maximum of 8-9 passengers at a time. These ski chair lifts are placed on higher altitudes, and there is snow everywhere. Thus, regular contact with these harsh weather conditions makes these ski lifts prone to get damaged easily. Some of them get corroded, and some of them are affected by dents and loose components.

Decommissioned Ski Lifts

Decommissioned Ski Lifts

This is due to the rigorous usage of these ski lifts as they are used for hours carrying passengers up and down, and weather conditions also play an important role in the improper functioning of these ski lifts. When these types of conditions arise, ski resorts instantly decommission the unfit ski lift. This is a necessary step taken keeping in mind the safety of the passengers. Dysfunctional ski lifts are more prone to creating accidents, and some of them are life threatening. So, they are decommissioned. But, there is a silver lining; these decommissioned ski lifts are collected by us. We refurbish these ski lifts and prepare them for sale again. But this time they are not used as a ski lift chair, but as a ski lift swing or a ski lift bench. We directly collect these decommissioned ski lift chairs from the ski resorts and prepares them to resell.

These Lifts are Sourced from a US Based Resort

These are the actually used ski chair lifts that we sell. Ski lifts chairs for sale are only finalized when the ski lifts are market ready. That means the whole ski lift goes through a complete makeover before we display it for sale. These are the actually used ski chair lifts decommissioned from the ski resorts. We collect the decommissioned ski lifts from the ski resorts and refurbish it to sell as a ski lift swing or ski lift bench. Before placing ski lift chair for sale, they undergo some restoration processes. We start by removing the corroded areas and smoothing the uneven layers. The ski lifts we acquire are damaged; some of them are corroded while others have some dents and bends in them. Thus, the whole framework requires some serious sandblasting. Using sandpaper to scrape off the corroded layer also smoothens the surface. We then apply one or two coats of primers and anti-rust coating just to avoid it from getting on the verge of corrosion again. When the whole framework is ready, we then provide it with some extra support by placing a refurbished metal framework. It is all done to maintain its weight bearing capacity. We only provide quality Ski chair lifts for sale. When we are done with the framework, it is sent to the paint shop. It is provided with the matte finish of the color the customer decides. We also provide glossy ski chairs for sale. We are full with custom paints and offers different textures and designs of ski chair lifts for sale. We also provide additional customization options for ski chairlift chairs for sale. With the likes of wooden slats, the ski lifts look incredible appearance wise. We provide with the option of installing different wooden slats made from maple, mahogany, and teak. These wooden slats are firmly polished and are given an authentic look. We also provide the option of installing a nameplate and a faceplate on the top center of the Ski chairlift for sale. One can use this faceplate and nameplate to add their name or any other phrase they like. Or else, you can use a faceplate of any face, be it a cartoon character, or any other thing that you like. But these are only installed on your ski chair lifts if you want to, they don’t come with it, you have to request for this additional feature. We only put ski chairs for sale which passes the quality test. It is that the maximum weight a ski lift chair can bear is of 2-3 adults, more than that, it might not withstand it. Thus, we prepare these ski lift chairs for sale by making sure that it doesn’t compromise with the quality. All the components are cross-checked again before putting the ski chair lifts for sale.
We provide two versions of ski chairlift chairs for sale, one is ski chairlift swings, and the other is ski chairlift benches. Ski chairlift swings are like normal swing benches but with a ski touch. The swing and bench version of ski chairs for sale are refurbished in the same manner, and no extra procedure is followed. You can use the swing and bench ski lift as a decorative piece as well as a sitting piece. We provide with some aesthetically pleasing ski chair lifts for sale.

Where Would You Put Yours?

You can place these ski lift chairs wherever you want in your house, both inside and outside. If you have a larger living room, this ski lift chair will look great. You can use it outside as well in your garden or porch. You can use this ski chair lift on your terrace also. It is an ideal conversation piece. You can use it during summer nights and winter afternoons. If you like to spend some alone time reading books and listening to music, you can always hop on it. If you are planning to have the swing version, it is also great, but it requires a mounting spring if you are planning to place it inside your home. Swings are best suitable for outdoor placings like in your garden, porch or your terrace. They are loved by the children mostly as it swings. This ski lift chair furniture can bear 2-3 adults at a time. Ski chairlift chairs for sale are eligible for both domestic as well as commercial purpose. These ski lift chairs are high in demand by many restaurant outlets, shopping complexes, malls, children’s playground and where people like to socialize the most.
We deal with real decommissioned ski lift chairs; make them usable again but for a different purpose.