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Add a Ski Lift Chair Swing to Your Porch

April 26, 2017 blog


Are you the Kind of Person Who Would Want a Ski Chair Lift Swing for Your Porch?

Skiing is loved by most of the people and traveling on a ski lift chairs is everyone’s dream. Ski lift chairs are used in ski resorts for the transportation of passengers to the top hill from where they can enjoy skiing. Ski lift chairs are decommissioned after several uses as they are prone to getting the passengers to accidents. The ski resorts have to replace these ski chair lifts once in a while as a measure of precaution for the passengers. So what then, what is done with the decommissioned ski lift chairs? They have another use! Have you heard about ski lift chair porch swing? These are trending nowadays with everyone getting in line to get one. Having a ski lift chair porch swing now days is very common among people as it comes under those things which are a little out of the league. Ski lift chair swings are made from decommissioned ski chairlifts. It is the nicest example of recycling and reusing.


Add a Ski Chair Lift Swing to Your Porch

Old Chairs into New

The damaged, rusty ski lift chair is refurbished in such a way that it becomes impossible for a person to tell the difference. Ski lift chair swing is ideal for placing on your porch due to its unique design and the swing functionality. It is made from those decommissioned ski lifts which are no longer able to perform with full potential. These ski lifts get damaged with the regular usage and are declared unfit for further functioning. Harsh climatic conditions are also the reason these ski lift chairs get damaged. It becomes necessary to replace the ski chair lifts to avoid any causality. Ski lift accidents are very rare, and an accident due to a dysfunctional ski lift can cause serious damage to the passenger. Ski lift chair porch swing comes in all designs. The damaged or unwanted ski chair lifts are collected by the restoration companies. A ski lift chair swing simply acts as a normal swing bench, but the only difference is that they are ski lifts.

Where do they Come From?

The ski lifts are collected directly from the ski resorts by the restoration companies. At the time of collection, these ski lift chairs are not in good shape as some of them are corroded while others are broken or dented. To convert it into a ski lift porch swing, it undergoes some serious makeover. The refurbishing starts with the scrubbing. The whole framework is scrubbed with a sand paper to make the components smooth and subtle. Also, scrubbing is necessary to remove all the rust from the frame and components. Corrosion is a common problem with ski lift chairs as they come in direct contact with water most of the time. Also, these ski lift chairs can carry at least 1000lbs at the same time. This rigorous usage makes it prone to getting damaged after several uses. So it becomes necessary to rebuild the whole frame. Therefore, the new frame is comprised of refurbished steel. Steel provides extra support to the ski lift chair swing. After providing it with steel frame, Wooden slats are installed as the seats. These wooden slats come in different textures as they are made with teak wood, mahogany, and maple. These wooden slats provide extra support to the ski lift chair swings. The paint job is the crucial part. They are painted with custom paints, and each ski lift chair swing is provided with a face plate and a nameplate. You can use this faceplate to add your name or anything.

Where Would you Put Yours?

The best part about ski lift chair swings are that they look pretty amazing anywhere they are placed. They are ideal for porches and gardens, but if you have enough space in your room or terrace, you can place it there; it will surely affect how your room looks. It can act as both decorative and sitting purpose. If talking about commercially, these ski lift chair swing can be placed around all the public parks, playgrounds, coffee houses, restaurants, malls and wherever people gathers the most. Its unique design and compatibility factor can place it anywhere. People love this kind of stuff as it tends to something little out of their league or something they don’t see often. Thus, it is definitely the kind of things that people want in their possession. The best part about it is that they can customize it in accordance to their needs and requirements. It works similarly as any normal porch swing; the only difference is that it is a lot cooler than a normal porch swing.

The ski lift chair porch swing can prove to be a fun thing to have as you can use it during summer nights and winter afternoons for relaxing. If you tend to place it on your terrace, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun during winters and breezy nights during hot summers. It just proves to be an amazing conversation piece as you and your loved ones can hop on it talking. Or you can have some quite alone time reading a book or listening to music or anything you love the most. The best thing about it is that it swings. How often have you seen a ski lift chair swinging? Probably never I guess. Sitting on a ski lift chair swing can compose a feeling of an adventurer in you. You can generate the feeling of being going on a skiing adventure whenever you hop on it. Its incredible design and unique formation are so versatile that it can add on to the glory of the place where it is installed.

More Than Just Swings

Another version of a ski lift chair porch swing is the ski lift bench. These two versions are same in structure but one can make movements, and the other is stationary. Benches can be installed anywhere in your house. Any big room with excess space is ideal for a bench. But, benches are mostly preferred in the areas where people gather the most like the public parks and playgrounds. On the other hand, swings are mostly loved by the children, and it is mostly preferred on their rooftops and porches.