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Creative Ski Chair Lift Furniture Ideas

May 6, 2017 blog

Standout From the Rest!

Ski chair benches have become quite a fashion nowadays, and for old ski chair lifts, it is kind of a second innings for them. A decommissioned ski chair can now be used as furniture after a certain makeover. After serving in ski resorts carrying passengers up the hill, now they have found a much simpler job as a sitting tool. These lifts are decommissioned after several years of usage as they become prone to rusting and are severely damaged by the weather conditions. They are directly collected by the refurbishing companies from the resort itself. You can use the ski lift chair furniture as a great conversation piece and can put it around your house or places like restaurants, public parks, ski shop and much more. Ski chair lift furniture is a perfect example of reusing a used object in a better way.


Decommissioned Ski chair lifts ready to be converted into ski lift furniture

Do it Yourself or Done For You

No one should have thought of such a creative idea of using ski chair lift as furniture for the home. Ski chairlifts come in different shapes and sizes and how you convert it into furniture is all about your creativity level. You can do it all by yourself, or you can take help from those who are expert in refurbishing old ski lift chair. The refurbishing companies directly buy the decommissioned ski chair lifts from the ski resorts, and you can buy it from there. Ski chair benches have another version, ski chair swings. These two are different in such a way that a ski chair bench is stationary, it doesn’t make swings, and on the other hand, ski swings are those which acts as other swinging benches and swings like a normal swing. Ski chair benches are ideal for placing in your home backyard, garden, porch, balcony, and terrace or anywhere inside the room where you find it eligible. On the other hand, for public use, it can be installed near parks, school playground, restaurants and other places where people socialize. Due to its unique design and attributes, ski chair benches are known to wake up the adventurer in you whenever you sit on it.

Refurbishing a Ski Chair Lift

Building ski chair lift furniture is not that tough task, and with the help of experts, you can form it in whatever design you like. When the ski chair lifts are collected by the refurbishing companies, they are in their worst shape and condition. This is all due to the harsh weather conditions and the usage of the ski lifts for a long duration. It carries about 2-3 passengers up the hill at a time making it more prone to get damaged. This is why ski resorts replace these ski lift chairs once in a while as a precautionary measure. The restoration process starts with scrubbing the frame with sandpaper. When they are supplied to the refurbishing companies, some of the ski lift chairs are corroded, others bear damaged parts, and some of them are in their worst conditions. This is done to remove the rust from the surface and to make it smooth and plane. After the scrubbing is done, it is sent for the paint job. They are provided with custom paints and are designed and crafted according to the customer’s need. The framework is supported by refurbished steel, and wooden slats are also provided. You can also get a customized wooden slat made from maple, teak or mahogany. The ski lift furniture can bear the weight of 3-4 adults. Also, for additional customization, you can also have a face plate or a name plate where you can write anything on it from your family name, your name, your address if you are planning to place it outside or any phrase, graphic or anime. But these are all done on specific demands made by the customer. Some people like it simple and subtle and some like bedazzled. It is up to the customers how they want it. But, it is preferred to keep the ski chair lift furniture as simple as possible as making it fancier will overshadow the originality and authenticity of the ski chairlift, and it might not look good wherever you put it.

Finding the Right Spot for Your New Firniture

Ski lift chair furniture can be placed anywhere from your home to any public place. Ski lift chair furniture is designed in such a way that it looks good and can attract eyes from anywhere. It is best for outdoor purpose, but you can also place it indoors, all it requires is some extra space. It will look good in your drawing room. Talking about your house, you can install it in your backyard, porch or your garden. If you have a terrace, it is an ideal chair for enjoying summer nights and winter days. It can prove to be a conversation piece where you can talk with your loved ones. Due to it is a ski chair bench, it can be placed inside your rooms. Outdoors, it can prove to be a decorative as well as a conversation piece. It can make your house or room more functional due to its unique look. It also comes in a swing version where instead of being a normal bench, you can use it a swing bench. But, it cannot be placed anywhere as swinging ski chairlifts requires some extra space just because of the swinging function. That means, it requires some large space if you are planning to place it in one of your rooms. These kinds of ski lift chairs are an ideal choice for having placed in parks and playground because kids love swings. Also, they are ideal for placing in front of ski shops and ski resorts.
On the other hand, it can be placed in public places where people come to socialize like coffee houses, restaurants, malls, parks, playgrounds, etc. It will look great wherever it is placed and its unique built, and design always attracts people towards it. It is a fun bench to have, from serving passengers to travel the top hill to use as furniture at home or elsewhere.